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Re: [PATCH on en/rename-progress] diffcore-rename: make diff-tree -l0 mean -l<large>

On Wed, 29 Nov 2017 10:51:20 -0800
Elijah Newren <newren@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Thanks for testing that version and sending along the fix.
> I suspect the commit referenced twice in the commit message should
> have been 9f7e4bfa3b ("diff: remove silent clamp of renameLimit",
> 2017-11-13) rather than b520abf ("sequencer: warn when internal merge
> may be suboptimal due to renameLimit", 2017-11-14).

Ah...yes, you're right. I'll update the commit message if I need to send
out a new version or if Junio requests it (so that it's easier for him
to merge it in).

> Other than that minor issue, patch and test looks good to me.