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[ANNOUNCE] Git for Windows 2.15.1

Dear Git users,

It is my pleasure to announce that Git for Windows 2.15.1 is available from:


Changes since Git for Windows v2.15.0 (October 30th 2017)

New Features

  * Comes with Git v2.15.1.
  * Operations in massively-sparse worktrees are now much faster if
    core.fscache = true.
  * It is now possible to configure nano or Notepad++ as Git's default
    editor instead of vim.
  * Comes with OpenSSL v1.0.2m.
  * Git for Windows' updater now uses non-intrusive toast notifications
    on Windows 8, 8.1 and 10.
  * Running git fetch in a repository with lots of refs is now
    considerably faster.
  * Comes with cURL v7.57.0.

Bug Fixes

  * The experimental --show-ignored-directory option of git status
    which was removed in Git for Windows v2.15.0 without warning has
    been reintroduced as a deprecated option.
  * The git update command (to auto-update Git for Windows) will now
    work also work behind proxies.

Filename | SHA-256
-------- | -------
Git-2.15.1-64-bit.exe | a2ba53197db79b361502836eecf97f09881703148774f9b4e9e6749d41d4ff71
Git-2.15.1-32-bit.exe | 73154bdfd1ad4ced8612d97b95603ff2b2383db9d46b4c308827fb5233d52592
PortableGit-2.15.1-64-bit.7z.exe | 94d485454af33a32d08680950aaf38f0825a189ef8b617054b81b2c48d817699
PortableGit-2.15.1-32-bit.7z.exe | 7d804748a7de735133d78c5420d9b338379123734509415035593e106b03515a
MinGit-2.15.1-64-bit.zip | 5e38d13241b0742e6673bc5116ac82e851dd1fad01c660c943017f4549b6afea
MinGit-2.15.1-32-bit.zip | 2fc85f67cabe3c13aceb6868b4bb6bda28ddfecd6f32d7e0da9ddce8cee9b940
MinGit-2.15.1-busybox-64-bit.zip | 02611486e3c8c427f09d2c4639484cd604ea812471248ae928960f1e0dc59633
MinGit-2.15.1-busybox-32-bit.zip | a6dfb770f5cfa7b120ba49922d3434577b8601c5d322ad473dd2e2adc91e92b3
Git-2.15.1-64-bit.tar.bz2 | bb630e5f3d7b650db67134b0187cf0cb8f5ed75990838ee65fed85e21777f08a
Git-2.15.1-32-bit.tar.bz2 | ec3938e161ac1bbcf2b4f5d41fae1c05ea229fa0276b4db8530ec50b69131832