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Re: git-p4: cloning with a change number does not import all files

> On 25 Nov 2017, at 21:35, Patrick Rouleau <prouleau72@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> I created a git repository with these commands:
>  git p4 clone //perforce/path@123456 repo
>  cd repo
>  git p4 rebase
> Some files created before the change 123456 do not exist in git
> history. I do see why,
> but those files were not modified after that change number.
> If I use "git p4 sync --detect-branches" instead of "git p4 rebase",
> the branch contains
> all the files, but not the main trunk, and they appear to be added in
> the first commit of
> the branch.
> To avoid the problem, I must clone with "@all" or with the change number when
> //perforce/path was created, which is significantly longer.
> Regards,
> P. Rouleau

Hi Patrick,

what is your goal here? Do you want to convert the repo to Git or do you
want to use Git to interact with a P4 repo?

I mainly do the former and use the @all switch. You can greatly reduce
the time if your `git-p4` machine is close to the P4 server and if you
reduce the P4 client spec used for the migration.

- Lars