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Re: [PATCH] Use OBJECT_INFO_QUICK to speedup git fetch-pack

On Mon, Nov 27, 2017 at 01:53:34PM +0900, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> > I'd be curious if the 5th patch there provides an additional speedup for
> > Takuto's case.
> Indeed, it is a very good point.
> IIUC, the 5th one is about fetching tons of refs that you have never
> seen, right?  If a repository that has trouble with everything-local
> is suffering because it right now has 300k remote-tracking branches,
> I'd imagine that these remote-tracking branches are being added at a
> considerable rate, so I'd not be surprised if these "new" refs
> benefits from that patch.  And it would be nice to know how much a
> real life scenario actually does improve.

Right, I think it will only kick in for new refs (and maybe deleted
ones, but I didn't check).

I actually did have a real life scenario that was improved, but it's not
very typical. As I've mentioned before, we keep a big shared-object
repository for forks of a single repo, so a fairly common operation is

  git -C network.git fetch ../$fork.git +refs/*:refs/remotes/$fork/*

The first time that's run on a fork, everything looks like a new ref.

So "real life", but thankfully not life for most git users. :)