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Re: [PATCH] t/lib-gpg: fix gpgconf stderr redirect to /dev/null

Junio C Hamano wrote:
**Blush**.  I should have caught this during the review.  Thanks.

I've written that code myself in the past and I am sure I will do it again. :)

I wonder if this line in 3320 is doing what it meant to do:

test_must_fail git notes merge z 2>&1 >out && test_i18ngrep "Automatic notes merge failed" out && grep -v "A notes merge into refs/notes/x is already in-progress in" out

That's a fine question. I only grepped for 2>&1 >/dev/null. Dropping /dev/null, as you did only turns up that test as an additional hit.

I think, based on a very cursory reading of the test, that it's intending to direct stderr and stdout to the file out. The test gets lucky that the code in builtin/notes.c directs the error message to stdout:

       printf(_("Automatic notes merge failed. Fix conflicts in %s and "
                "commit the result with 'git notes merge --commit', or "
                "abort the merge with 'git notes merge --abort'.\n"),

Perhaps that should be using fprintf(stderr, ...) instead? (And the test redirection corrected as well, of course.) If that seems correct, I can submit the trivial patch for that as well, while I'm on the subject.

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