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Re: [PATCH] Fix NO_LIBPCRE1_JIT to fully disable JIT

Charles Bailey <charles@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> > But that we should take it anyway regardless of that since it'll *also*
>> > work on Linux with your patch, and this logic makes some sense whereas
>> > the other one clearly didn't and just worked by pure accident of some
>> > toolchain semantics that I haven't figured out yet.
>> That is curious and would be nice to know the answer to.
> The error that I was getting ...
> My guess is that we are just exposing a pre-existing bug in our Solaris
> build of libpcre.

Sorry, my question was not clear.  I think you already mentioned the
above in the thread.  What I was curious about was why Ævar was
seeing that JIT disabled with NO_LIBPCRE1_JIT alone on his Linux
setup, i.e. namely this part from his message:

    *But* for some reason you still get away with that on Linux. I
    don't know why, but I assume the compiler toolchain is more lax
    for some reason than on Solaris.n

In any case, thanks for a fix; queued.