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Re: [PATCH] t/lib-gpg: fix gpgconf stderr redirect to /dev/null

> Of course, beyond getting stderr to /dev/null, there is the fact that on
> versions of gnupg < 2.1, gpgconf --kill is not available.  I noticed this with
> gnupg-2.0.14 on CentOS 6.  It also occurs on CentOS 7, which provides
> gnupg-2.0.22.
> I don't know if there's much value in trying to better handle older gnupg-2.0
> systems. 

Hi Todd.

Thanks for catching the redirection issue! I agree that the other fixes feel
like overkill. Are you certain that switching to gpgconf --reload will have the
same effect as --kill? (I know that this is the case for scdaemon only).

Thanks again!

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