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Re: [RFC 0/3] Add support for --cover-at-tip

On Mon, 13 Nov 2017 18:13:27 +0100
Nicolas Morey-Chaisemartin <NMoreyChaisemartin@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> v2:
> - Enhance mailinfo to parse patch series id from subject
> - Detect cover using mailinfo parsed ids in git am

I noticed that this was done in the patch set by searching for "PATCH" -
that is probably quite error-prone as not all patches will have a
subject line of that form. It may be better to search for "0/" and
ensure that it is immediately followed by an integer.

Also, it might be worth checking the message IDs to ensure that the
PATCH M/Ns all indeed are replies to PATCH 0/N.

> - Support multiple patch series in a single run

Is this done? I would have expected that some buffering of messages
would be necessary, since you're writing a series of messages of the
form <cover><patch 1>...<patch N> to the commits <patch 1>...<patch

> - Add doc/comments
> - Add tests
> - Add a new "seperator" at the end of a cover letter.
>   Right now I added a triple dash to all cover letter (manual or cover-at-tip) before shortlog/diff stat
>   This allows manually written cover letters to be handle by git am --cover-at-tip without including the shortlog/diffstat but
>   breaks compat with older git am as it is seen has a malformed patch. A new separator would solve that.

I think the triple dash works. I tried "git am" with a cover letter with
no triple dash, and it complains that the commit is empty anyway, so
compatibility with older git am might not be such a big issue. (With the
triple dash, it indeed complains about a malformed patch, as you