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Re: [RFC] cover-at-tip

Le 10/11/2017 à 19:22, Junio C Hamano a écrit :
> Nicolas Morey-Chaisemartin <NMoreyChaisemartin@xxxxxxx> writes:
>> I would need to add "some" level of parsing to am.c to make sure
>> the patch content is just garbage and that there are no actual
>> hunks for that.
>> I did not find any public API that would allow me to do that,
>> although apply_path/parse_chunk would fit the bill.  Is that the
>> right way to approach this ?
> I do not think you would want this non-patch cruft seen at the apply
> layer at all.  Reading a mailbox, with the help of mailsplit and
> mailinfo, and being the driver to create a series of commits is what
> "am" is about, and it would have to notice that the non-patch cruft
> at the beginning is not a patch at all and defer creation of an
> empty commit with that cover material at the end.  For each of the
> other messages in the series that has patches, it will need to call
> apply to update the index and the working tree so that it can make a
> commit, but there is NO reason whatsoever to ask help from apply, whose
> sole purpose is to read a patch and make modifications to the index
> and the working tree, to handle the cover material.

I agree this is a "am" job. Was just wondering if reusing some of the code from apply (and move it so it makes more sense) wouldnd't make more sense than rewriting a patch detection function.