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Re: [PATCH] gpg-interface: Strip CR chars for Windows gpg2

Jerzy Kozera <jerzy.kozera@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> +/* Strip CR from the line endings, in case we are on Windows. */
> +static void strip_cr(struct strbuf *buffer, size_t bottom) {
> +	size_t i, j;
> +	for (i = j = bottom; i < buffer->len; i++)
> +		if (buffer->buf[i] != '\r') {
> +			if (i != j)
> +				buffer->buf[j] = buffer->buf[i];
> +			j++;
> +		}
> +	strbuf_setlen(buffer, j);
> +}
> +

While the approach of turning CRLF into LF as a workaround is a good
one, I do not see this loop doing that; instead it is removing CR
anywhere on the line unconditionally.  

It might not make a difference in practice to rely on the assumption
that nobody sane would place a lone CR in the middle of a line, but
it feels dirty.

Because I know this was lifted from an existing code, I think it may
be better to take this patch as-is, but the code screams loudly that
it wants a clean-up patch to fix that immediately on top of it.