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Re: cherry-pick very slow on big repository

Derrick Stolee:

Git is spending time detecting renames, which implies you probably renamed a folder or added and deleted a large number of files. This rename detection is quadratic (# adds times # deletes).

Yes, a couple of directories with a lot of template files have been renamed (and some removed, some added) between the current development branch and this old maintenance branch. I get the "Performing inexact rename detection" a lot when merging changes in the other direction.

However, none of them applies to these particular commits, which only touches files that are in the exact same location on both branches.

You can remove this rename detection by running your cherry-pick with `git -c diff.renameLimit=1 cherry-pick ...`

That didn't work, actually it failed to finish with this setting in effect, it hangs in such a way that I can't stop it with Ctrl+C (neither when running from the command line, nor when running inside gdb). It didn't finish in the 20 minutes I gave it.

I also tried with diff.renames=false, which also seemed to fail.

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