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[Query] Separate hooks for Git worktrees


I have a typical use case, where I am using the same
repository for both Android and Linux kernel branches.

Android needs us to keep a special hook "commit-msg"
which adds a "Change-Id" to every commit we create.

While this works fine with Android, the behavior doesn't change
by simply changing to a upstream kernel branch and eventually
by mistake I may end up sending patch with Change-Id to upstream
kernel as well. And I want to avoid that.

I am looking at ways to make this configuration work for me by
applying the hook only for Android branches.

I tried using the "git worktrees" command to create a separate
linked tree for my android branch, but it doesn't have a .git directory
but just a file linking to the main repository.

Any idea how I can get around this problem without having separate
repositories for kernel and android ?

Thanks in advance.