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Re: [RFD] Long term plan with submodule refs?

Jonathan Tan <jonathantanmy@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> What if, in the submodule, we have a new ref backend that mirrors the
> superproject? When initializing the submodule, its original refs are not
> cloned at all, but instead virtual refs are used.
> ...
> These rules seem straightforward to me (although I have been working
> with Git for a while, so perhaps I'm not the best judge), and I think
> leads to a good workflow, as discussed below.

Indeed this is intriguing.

> The above rules allow the following workflow:
>  - "checkout --recurse-submodules" the branch you want on the
>    superproject
>  - make whatever changes you want in each submodule
>  - commit each individual submodule (which updates the index of the
>    superproject), then commit the superproject (we can introduce a
>    commit --recurse-submodules to make this more convenient)

The "recurse" option would also give users an extra atomicity, and
would not be merely for convenience; when a user wants to treat a
superproject and its two submodules as if the combined whole were a
single repository, there shouldn't be two separate commits in the
history of the superproject only because two submodules made one
commit each to work on a single theme that spans all of them.