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RE: Bug - Status - Space in Filename

I believe I have found a bug in the way git status -s lists filenames.

According to the documentation:
  The fields (including the ->) are separated from each other by a single space. If a filename contains whitespace or other nonprintable characters,   that field will be quoted in the manner of a C string literal: surrounded by ASCII double quote (34) characters, and with interior special characters backslash-escaped.

While this is true in most situations, it does not seem to apply to merge conflicts. When a file has merge conflicts I am getting the following:
 $ git status -s
 UU some/path/with space/in/the/name
 M  "another/path/with space/in/the/name "

I found the same problem for the following versions:
. git version 2.15.0.windows.1
. git version 2.10.0

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