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Re: [PATCH v2 0/6] Partial clone part 1: object filtering

On 11/2/2017 3:44 PM, Jonathan Tan wrote:
On Thu,  2 Nov 2017 17:50:07 +0000
Jeff Hostetler <git@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

From: Jeff Hostetler <jeffhost@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Here is V2 of the list-object filtering. It replaces [1]
and reflect a refactoring and simplification of the original.

Thanks, overall this looks quite good. I reviewed patches 2-6 (skipping
1 since it's already in next), made my comments on 4, and don't have any
for the rest (besides what's below).

I've added "--filter-ignore-missing" parameter to rev-list and
pack-objects to ignore missing objects rather than error out.
This allows this patch series to better stand on its own eliminates
the need in part 1 for "patch 9" from V1.

This is a brute force ignore all missing objects.  Later, in part
2 or part 3 when --exclude-promisor-objects is introduced, we will
be able to ignore EXPECTED missing objects.

(This is regarding patches 5 and 6.) Is the intention to support both
flags? (That is, --ignore-missing to ignore without checking whether the
object being missing is not unexpected, and --exclude-promisor-objects
to check and ignore.)

Yes, I thought we should have both (perhaps renamed or combined
into 1 parameter with value, such as --exclude=missing vs --exclude=promisor)
and let the user decide how strict they want to be.