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Re: [PATCH 1/3] bisect: fix memory leak and document `find_bisection()`

Martin Ågren <martin.agren@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> `find_bisection()` rebuilds the commit list it is given by reversing it
> and skipping uninteresting commits. The uninteresting list entries are
> leaked. Free them to fix the leak.
> While we're here and understand what's going on, document the function.
> In particular, make sure to document that the original list should not
> be examined by the caller.

Good.  Thanks.

I notice that this has only two callers and both of them do

	revs.commits = find_bisection(revs.commits, ...);

I wonder if updating its calling convention to

	(void) find_bisection(&revs.commits, ...);

makes sense.  This is obviously outside the scope of this patch.

> +/*
> + * Find bisection. If something is found, `reaches` will be the number of
> + * commits that the best commit reaches. `all` will be the count of
> + * non-SAMETREE commits. If `find_all` is set, all non-SAMETREE commits are
> + * returned sorted, otherwise only a single best commit is returned. The
> + * original list will be left in an undefined state and should not be examined.
> + */
>  extern struct commit_list *find_bisection(struct commit_list *list,
>  					  int *reaches, int *all,
>  					  int find_all);