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Re: v2.15.0-rc1 test failure


Adam Dinwoodie wrote:

> t0021.15 has PERL as a requirement, and I see semi-regular failures from
> Git tests that are Perl-based in one way or another (git-svn tests are
> the most common problems).  I've not spotted t0021 failing in that way,
> but it sounds like the same class of problem.
> I dig into these failures when I see them, mostly by running the script
> a few hundred times until I get the failure again, and they've always
> been Perl itself segfaulting.  That points to the problem being in
> Cygwin's Perl package rather than Git, and it's very unlikely to be
> anything that's got worse in v2.15.0.

That reminds me of https://bugs.debian.org/868738, which I tracked down
to perl's "die" helper using errno to determine the exit status instead
of deterministically using 128.  I wasn't able to track it down further
than that.

t/t0021/rot13-filter.pl doesn't have any similar suspect constructs, but
thought I should mention it anyway.