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Re: No log --no-decorate completion?

On Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 7:47 AM, Max Rothman <max.r.rothman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I recently noticed that in the git-completion script, there's
> completion for --decorate={full,yes,no} for git log and family, but
> not for --no-decorate. Is that intentional? If not, I *think* I see
> how it could be added.
> Thanks,
> Max

Using git-blame, I found af4e9e8c87 (completion: update am, commit, and log,
2009-10-07) as well as af16bdaa3f (completion: fix and update 'git log
options, 2015-05-01), both of their commit messages do not discuss leaving out
--no-decorate intentionally.

If you give --no-<TAB> you'd get more than just the completion to --no-decorate,
but all the negated options, I would assume?

So maybe that is why no one added the negated options, yet?