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Re: is there a truly compelling rationale for .git/info/exclude?

On Fri, 6 Oct 2017, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> rpjday@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> >   at the other end, users are certainly welcome to add extra
> > patterns to be ignored, based purely on the way they work --
> > perhaps based on their choice of editor, they might want to
> > exclude *.swp files, or if working on a Mac, ignore .DS_Store, and
> > so on, using a core.excludesFile setting.
> This is primarily why .git/info/exclude exists.  A user who does not
> use the same set of tools to work on different projects may not be
> able to use ~/.gitconfig with core.excludesFile pointing at a single
> place that applies to _all_ repositories the user touches.
> Also, core.excludesFile came a lot later than in-project and
> in-repository exclude list, IIRC.
> Don't waste time by seeking a "compelling" reason.  A mere "this is
> the most expedite way to gain convenience" back when something was
> introduced could be an answer, and it is way too late to complain
> about such a choice anyway.

  perfectly respectable answer ... it tells me that, between
.gitignore files and core.excludesFile, there's not much left for
.git/info/exclude to do, except in weird circumstances.



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