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Re: is there a truly compelling rationale for .git/info/exclude?

On Fri, 2017-10-06 at 06:14 -0400, rpjday@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>    and in this funny grey area in between, we have .git/info/exclude,
> to be used for ... what, exactly? the one argument i've come up with
> is the situation where you discover that a repo you've cloned has an
> incomplete set of .gitignore patterns, and while you submit a patch
> for that to the maintainer, you can temporarily add that pattern
> to .git/info/exclude, and as soon as the patch is accepted, you can
> toss it.
>    but even that isn't a really compelling reason. so what's it for?

Thanks for asking this question. I have long been in the scenario you
just described above except that I didn't know of .git/info/exclude all
these days. I was longing to find if there was a way to ignore files in
 a repo without touching the .gitignore of that repo . Now I have found
one, the ".git/info/exclude".

Thanks, again.