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Re: [PATCH 0/6] Teach Status options around showing ignored files


jameson.miller81@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> This patch series is the second part of [1], which was split into 2
> parts. The first part, added an optimization in the directory listing
> logic to not scan the contents of ignored directories and was merged
> to master with commit 5aaa7fd3. This patch series includes the second
> part to expose additional arguments to the --ignored option on the
> status command.


> This patch series teaches the status command more options to control
> which ignored files are reported independently of the which untracked
> Our application (Visual Studio) has a specific set of requirements
> about how it wants untracked / ignored files reported by git status.
> The reason for controlling these behaviors separately is that there
> can be a significant performance impact to scanning the contents of
> As a more concrete example, on Windows, Visual Studio creates a bin/
> and obj/ directory inside of the project where it writes all .obj and

I see this information is also in patch 1/6.  That's a very good
thing, since that makes performance numbers involved more concrete
about which patch brings them about and it becomes part of permanent
history that way --- thanks.

But it took me a while to notice, and before then, I was trying to
read through the cover letter to get an overview of which patches I am
supposed to look at.  For next time, could the cover letter say
something like "See patches 1 and 2 for more details about the
motivation" instead of repeating the commit message content?  That
would save reviewers some time.