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couple questions about git "logical variables" and "git var"

  i just ran across "git var" for the first time, and it seems a bit weird.
it refers to the (apparently) four git "logical variables":


first question -- what is it about precisely those four variables that makes
them "logical" variables in git parlance? just those four? no others?

  also, the man page "man git-var" seems wrong:

    Cause the logical variables to be listed. In addition, all the variables
    of the Git configuration file .git/config are listed as well."

no, if i run "git var -l", i see not only the logical variables, but i
see *all* of the available config settings (system and global), not just
those in .git/config (unless i'm misreading what that is supposed to mean).



p.s. yes, i realize this command is deprecated in favour of "git config -l",
but as long as it's available, it should work as described in the man page.