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Re: Line ending normalization doesn't work as expected

Torsten Bögershausen <tboegi@xxxxxx> writes:

> One solution, which you can tell your team, is this one:
> $ git rm -r --cached . && git add .

Both this and its "git read-tree --empty" cousin share a grave
issue.  The "git add ." step would mean that before doing these
commands, your working tree must be truly clean, i.e. the paths
in the filesystem known to the index must match what is in the
index (modulo the line-ending gotcha you are trying to correct), 
*AND* there must be *NO* untracked paths you do not want to add
in the working tree.

That is a reason why we should solve it differently.  Perhaps adding
a new option "git add --rehash" to tell Git "Hey, you may think some
paths in the index and in the working tree are identical and no need
to re-register, but you are WRONG.  For each path in the index,
remove it and then register the object by hashing the contents from
the filesystem afresh!" would be the best way to go.  That will not
pick up untracked paths left in the filesystem, and does not limit
our solution to the "eol normalization is screwey" issue by not
calling the option "renormalize" or any other words that imply "why"
we are hashing again anew.