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Re: disable interactive prompting

Thanks for pointing out the option. 

I tried "git help push" and searched for "prompt", "interactive",

I don't think I would have figured to try
 "git help git" from "git help" even after reading it carefully.

I'd suggest adding a hint in "git help".

I also don't seem have the GIT_TERMINAL_PROMPT in "git version" but I can fix this.


Jeff King <peff@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> On Wed, Oct 04, 2017 at 09:10:48AM -0700, Ernesto Alfonso wrote:
>> Waiting for git-push synchronously slows me down, so I have a bash
>> alias/function to do this in the background. But when my origin is https, I
>> get an undesired interactive prompt. I've tried to disable by
>> redirecting stdin:
>> git push ${REMOTE} ${BRANCH} &>/dev/null </dev/null
>> but I still get an interactive prompt.
>> Is there a way to either
>> 1. disable interactive prompting
>> 2. programmatically determine whether a git command (or at least a git
>> push) would interactively prompt
> I assume the prompt is for credentials, since that's generally the only
> thing git-push will prompt for.
> Try:
>   $ git help git | sed -ne '/PROMPT/,/^$/p'
>            If this environment variable is set to 0, git will not prompt on
>            the terminal (e.g., when asking for HTTP authentication).
> Of course that just stops the prompting. If Git needs a credential and
> you don't provide it, then the push will fail.
> For advice on that that, try "git help credentials".
> -Peff