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Re: disable interactive prompting

Hi Ernesto,

Ernesto Alfonso wrote:

> Waiting for git-push synchronously slows me down, so I have a bash
> alias/function to do this in the background. But when my origin is https, I
> get an undesired interactive prompt. I've tried to disable by
> redirecting stdin:
> git push ${REMOTE} ${BRANCH} &>/dev/null </dev/null
> but I still get an interactive prompt.
> Is there a way to either
> 1. disable interactive prompting
> 2. programmatically determine whether a git command (or at least a git
> push) would interactively prompt

You left out an important detail: what does the interactive prompt in
question say?

The general question is also interesting, but seeing the particular
prompt would make it easy to look into the specific case at the same