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distinguishing between staged and unstaged content in a stash?

  couple (admittedly trivial) questions about stashing. first, can i
clarify that when one stashes content, a stash *always* distinguishes
between what was staged, and what was unstaged? that is, when one is
stashing, the "--keep-index" option relates to whether or not staged
changes are left in the index (and, consequently, in the working
directory as well), but that option has no effect on the final content
of the stash, yes? even if "--keep-index" is used, staged content
still ends up in the stash.

  also, is there a simple way to distinguish between the staged and
unstaged contents of a stash (or, more basically, is this even a
useful question to ask)? out of curiosity, i tried to figure out
how to do this, and came up with the following.

to see staged portion of stash@{0}:

  $ git show stash@{0}^2

to see unstaged portion:

  $ git diff stash@{0}^2 stash@{0}

it's not like i have a pressing need to do that, i was just curious
if there's a simpler way to do this, or if this is just not something
people should need to do on a regular basis.