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Re: Is git am supposed to decode MIME?

Florian Weimer <fweimer@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> The git am documentation talks about “mailboxes”.  I suppose these
> contain messages in Internet Mail syntax.  Is git am supposed to
> decode MIME?
> I'm asking because I have a message whose body is encoded as
> quoted-printable, but git am does not parse the patch contained in it.
> If git am is supposed to deal with this, I'll dig deeper and try to
> figure out where things go wrong.

The code to check should be in <mailinfo.c>.  As its comment says,
the code was not designed to be a full MIME parser--we just have a
code that (empirically) works in practice on messages produced when
a patch is attached to a message via popular MUAs, not written from
the MIME RFC spec.

Thanks for your interest in making the world a better place ;-)
Very much appreciated.