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Re: new contributors presentation

Nathan PAYRE <second.payre@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Hi all,
> me and my two other partner (Daniel and Timothee) have make the choice
> to contribute to gitHub for a university project supervised by Mattieu
> Moy.

First things first.  I suspect that you are trying to contribute to
the Git project (GitHub is totally a different animal, even though
they benefit greatly from our presence, and we theirs).

And if you are dipping your toes to the Git project's development
community, then, "Welcome!" ;-).

> The principal project is to improve the git-send-email function, for
> example we will try to implement the possibility to answer to a email
> by keeping the recipient list or quote properly the email body!
> Do you think that it's will be usefull ?

I do not know about others, but I cannot quite tell what you are
propsing from that three-line description to tell if it would be
useful or not.  Let's wait to hear more from you guys.