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Re: [PATCH] branch: reset instead of release a strbuf

Jeff King <peff@xxxxxxxx> writes:

>>  /**
>>   * Release a string buffer and the memory it used. You should not use the
>> - * string buffer after using this function, unless you initialize it again.
>> + * string buffer after using this function.
>>   */
>>  extern void strbuf_release(struct strbuf *);
> I think it's actually OK to use the string buffer after this function.
> It's just an empty string.
> Perhaps we should be more explicit: this releases any resources and
> resets to a pristine, empty state. I suspect strbuf_detach() probably
> should make the same claim.
> Earlier you mentioned:
>> It is still not advisable to call strbuf_release until done using a
>> strbuf because it is wasteful, so keep that part of the advice.
> Is this what you meant? If so, I think we should probably be more
> explicit in giving people a hint to use strbuf_reset() for efficiency.

Yes, "should not use" above is simply misleading.  Either drop it
altogether, or say something like

	If you find yourself reusing the same strbuf in a loop and
	calling strbuf_release() each iteration, you may want to
	consider if it makes more sense to use strbuf_reset()
	instead in each iteration and calling strbuf_release() at
	the end.