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Re: "man git-config", "--list" option misleadingly refers to "config file" (singular)

On Tue, 3 Oct 2017, Jeff King wrote:

> On Tue, Oct 03, 2017 at 06:34:34AM -0400, rpjday@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> >   (i suppose that if i'm going to continue whining about stuff, i might
> > as well clone the git source and start submitting patches.)
> Yes, please. :)
> >   in "man git-config":
> >
> >     -l
> >     --list
> >           List all variables set in config file, along with their values.
> >                                            ^^^^
> >
> > except that, AIUI, "git config --list" will list the combination
> > of all config values in (if it exists) /etc/gitconfig, then the
> > user's global settings, and finally the repo's config settings if
> > one happens to be in a working directory, so technically, it lists
> > the contents of *all* of the config files (plural), no?
> It does that by default, or it lists the contents of a specific file
> if given (either by --file, or with --system, --global, or --local).
> So I agree it's not quite accurate, but you probably want some
> phrasing that leaves this unsaid (the actual rules are described
> earlier in the description section). Maybe just refer to it as the
> "config source" or something?

  i think the simplest phrasing is, "List all variables set in the
current configuration, along with their values."

  sound fair?



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