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Re: git add -p stops working when setting color.ui = always

On Mon, Oct 02, 2017 at 01:38:17PM +0300, Tsvi Mostovicz wrote:
> Hi,
> When setting "color.ui = always" in the last few versions (not sure
> exactly when this started, but definitely exists in 2.14.1 and
> 2.14.2), git add -p stops working as expected. Instead of prompting
> the user, it skips through the prompts and doesn't allow selecting a
> hunk.
> Don't know why I had color.ui = always set in my .gitconfig.
> git version
> Thanks,

Hello Tsvi,

This is being discussed just now[0]. Setting the value to auto should
fix it (setting it to always does not make much sense in your config