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Re: "man git-config", "--list" option misleadingly refers to "config file" (singular)

On Tue, Oct 03, 2017 at 06:34:34AM -0400, rpjday@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>   (i suppose that if i'm going to continue whining about stuff, i might
> as well clone the git source and start submitting patches.)

Yes, please. :)

>   in "man git-config":
>     -l
>     --list
>           List all variables set in config file, along with their values.
>                                            ^^^^
> except that, AIUI, "git config --list" will list the combination of all
> config values in (if it exists) /etc/gitconfig, then the user's global
> settings, and finally the repo's config settings if one happens to be
> in a working directory, so technically, it lists the contents of *all* of
> the config files (plural), no?

It does that by default, or it lists the contents of a specific file if
given (either by --file, or with --system, --global, or --local).

So I agree it's not quite accurate, but you probably want some phrasing
that leaves this unsaid (the actual rules are described earlier in the
description section). Maybe just refer to it as the "config source" or