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Re: [PATCH] ref-filter.c: pass empty-string as NULL to atom parsers

On Mon, Oct 02, 2017 at 09:12:58AM -0700, Taylor Blau wrote:

> > I know this is getting _really_ subjective, but IMHO this is a lot more
> > reasoning than the comment needs. The commit message goes into the
> > details of the "why", but here I'd have just written something like:
> >
> >   /* treat "%(foo:)" the same as "%(foo)"; i.e., no arguments */
> I sent an updated v2 of this "series" (without a cover-letter) that
> shortens this comment to more or less what you suggested. I've kept the
> commit message longer, since I think that that information is useful
> within "git blame".

Yeah, sorry if I wasn't clear: definitely the commit message is fine and
is the place to go into the detail and rationale.