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Re: What means "git config bla ~/"?


rpjday@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> i'm sure i'm about to embarrass myself but, in "man git-config",
> OPTIONS, one reads:
>   --path
> git-config will expand leading ~ to the value of $HOME, and ~user
> to the   home directory for the specified user. This option has no
> effect when setting the value (but you can use git config bla ~/
> from the command line to let your shell do the expansion).
> what's with that "git config bla ~/"? is this some config keyword
> or something?

No need to be embarrased.  Here "bla" is a placeholder.  That is,
for example, I can run

	git config --global include.path ~/.config/git/more-config


	git config --global include.path $HOME/.config/git/more-config

to cause

		path = /home/me/.config/git/more-config

to be added to my global configuration.  The expansion of ~ or $HOME
is performed by my shell, not Git.  For comparison, if I had run

	git config --global include.path '~/.config/git/more-config'

then that would cause

		path = ~/.config/git/more-config

to be added to my global configuration, but it would still have the
same effect at run time, since Git is also able to expand ~ to my home

The wording comes from

	commit 1349484e341a3ec2ba02a86c8fbd97ea9dc8c756
	Author: Matthieu Moy <Matthieu.Moy@xxxxxxx>
	Date:   Wed Dec 30 17:51:53 2009 +0100

	    builtin-config: add --path option doing ~ and ~user expansion.

I agree with you that it is less clear than it could be.  Ideas for
clarifying it?