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cmd.exe Terminal is closing when cloning a repository on windows 10 (64.bit)


I installed git for windows 2.14.2 (64bit) and was trying to clone a repository from a command terminal (cmd.exe):

git clone https://Netzeband@xxxxxxxxxxxxx/Netzeband/deep-speeddreams.git

First everything went well, but after the repository was downloaded the LFS download started. At this point the terminal window just closed and I was not able to see anything related on the terminal. There was no error message. However several git processes (and git lfs) were running in the background and downloaded everything for the repository (all lfs files).

The same happens if I use the git-bash.

After switching back to 2.13.0 with the same settings during installation, this error did not occur again.

I'm using Windows 10 (b4 bit) which all current updates installed.

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