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[PATCH 03/11] lockfile: fix documentation on `close_lock_file_gently()`

Commit 83a3069a3 (lockfile: do not rollback lock on failed close,
2017-09-05) forgot to update the documentation by the function definition
to reflect that the lock is not rolled back in case closing fails.

Signed-off-by: Martin Ågren <martin.agren@xxxxxxxxx>
 lockfile.h | 4 ++--
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/lockfile.h b/lockfile.h
index 7c1c484d7..f401c979f 100644
--- a/lockfile.h
+++ b/lockfile.h
@@ -240,8 +240,8 @@ extern char *get_locked_file_path(struct lock_file *lk);
  * If the lockfile is still open, close it (and the file pointer if it
  * has been opened using `fdopen_lock_file()`) without renaming the
  * lockfile over the file being locked. Return 0 upon success. On
- * failure to `close(2)`, return a negative value and roll back the
- * lock file. Usually `commit_lock_file()`, `commit_lock_file_to()`,
+ * failure to `close(2)`, return a negative value (the lockfile is not
+ * rolled back). Usually `commit_lock_file()`, `commit_lock_file_to()`,
  * or `rollback_lock_file()` should eventually be called.
 static inline int close_lock_file_gently(struct lock_file *lk)