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Re: Unexpected pass for t6120-describe.sh on cygwin

Hi Ramsay,

On Sat, 9 Sep 2017, Ramsay Jones wrote:

> I ran the test-suite on the 'pu' branch last night (simply because that
> was what I had built at the time!), which resulted in a PASS, but t6120
> was showing a 'TODO passed' for #52.
> This is a test introduced by Michael's 'mg/name-rev-tests-with-short-stack'
> branch, which uses 'ulimit -s' to try and force a stack overflow.
> Unfortunately, 'ulimit -s' seems to have no effect on cygwin. I created
> a test program (see below) to eat up the stack and tried running it with
> various ulimit values (128, 12, 8), but it always seg-faulted at the
> same stack-frame. (after using approx 2MB stack space).
> So, it looks like all ULIMIT_STACK_SIZE tests need to be disabled
> on cygwin. I also wonder about the ULIMIT_FILE_DESCRIPTORS tests, but
> haven't looked into it.
> Given that 'ulimit' is a bash built-in, this may also be a problem on
> MinGW and Git-For-Windows, but I can't test on those platforms.

It is.