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Buffered value should be shown when requesting username for remote authentication

Hello all,

I noted a little issue with the interaction to a remote git repository.
The issue occurs when the network used for remote communication is a
bit sluggish. The main issue is illustrated by the following shell

    $ git push -u fork 
    sivaraamUsername for '    https://github.com'    : sivaraam
    Password for '    https://sivaraamsivaraam@xxxxxxxxxx':     

    It's a little odd that the (buffered) input found before the request
    for 'Username' is also appended to the input found after the request.
    This might not be obvious to the user and he has to retype the
    'Username' in the next try.

    I have seen some utilities handle this correctly by doing something

    $ <some-utility> 
    sivaUsername for '    https://github.com'    : siva

        Further, unlike the request string, the buffered input that gets
        printed after the request was editable. I'm not able to recollect the
        <some-utility> correctly, though.

        Any ideas about how to fix this?