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Re: [PATCH 1/1] reset: fix reset when using the sparse-checkout feature.

Kevin Willford <kewillf@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I agree with this when you are not dealing with a sparse-checkout.
> When using a sparse-checkout I expect git not to touch things
> outside of what I have specified in my sparse-checkout file.  If it
> does, it should let me know or put my working directory in a
> state that is expected.  Especially when it is changing the
> skip-worktree bits causing files outside the sparse-checkout to be
> reported incorrectly by status.

Well, whether using a sparse-checkout or not, I would expect Git not
to touch *any* filesystem entity when "git reset" (not "--hard",
just "git reset [<tree-ish>]") is given, whether the path is inside
or outside the sparse-checkout area.

Stepping back a bit, I am not sure if it is sane or even valid for
the end-user to modify paths outside sparse-checkout area, but that
is probably a separate tangent.