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Re: "git shortlog -sn --follow -- <path>" counts all commits to entire repo

Jeff King <peff@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> That's definitely the intent, but I think --follow is just buggy here.
> We don't seem to trigger a diff, which is where "git log" does the
> follow check (because of the way it's bolted onto the diff, and not the
> actual pathspec-pruning mechanism).

Yeah, at the same time, the usual caveat about "--follow" that it
would not work in general in a history with forks and merges due to
its keeping track of a single pathspec that is globally swapped out.

> Something like the patch below seems to work, but there are a lot of
> open questions. And it would probably want to do something to prevent
> nonsense like "shortlog -p" from showing actual diffs.
> I suspect a better solution might involve actually building on
> log-tree.c to do the traversal (since this internal traversal is
> supposed to be equivalent to "git log | git shortlog").

Probably.  That approach would also have an added benefit that when
"--follow" is fixed to keep track of which path it is following per
traversal for "git log", the result from "git shortlog --follow"
would automatically become correct, I guess?