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Re: "git shortlog -sn --follow -- <path>" counts all commits to entire repo

On Thu, Sep 7, 2017 at 11:13 AM, Валентин <valiko.ua@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'll be short as shortlog :)
> "git shortlog -sn -- <path>"
> counts all commits to the specified path, as expected.
> "git shortlog -sn --follow -- <path>"
> counts all commits to the entire repo, which looks like a bug.
> "--follow" switch is not listed on
> https://git-scm.com/docs/git-shortlog so maybe it's not supported. In
> this case I would expect error message.
> Tried the following versions:
> "git version 2.14.1.windows.1" on Windows 7
> "git version 2.7.4" on Ubuntu 16.04

The shortlog takes most (all?) options that git-log
does, e.g. in git.git:

    $ git shortlog -sne --author=Peter

    74  Peter Krefting <peter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
    43  H. Peter Anvin <hpa@xxxxxxxxx>
    23  Peter Eriksen <s022018@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
     7  Peter Hagervall <hager@xxxxxxxxx>
     6  Peter Collingbourne <peter@xxxxxxxxx>
     4  Peter Baumann <waste.manager@xxxxxx>
     3  Peter Oberndorfer <kumbayo84@xxxxxxxx>
     3  Peter Valdemar Mørch <peter@xxxxxxxxx>
     2  Peter Colberg <peter@xxxxxxxxxxx>
     2  Peter Eisentraut <peter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
     2  Peter Harris <git@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
     2  Peter van der Does <peter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
     1  Peter Hutterer <peter.hutterer@xxxxxxxxx>
     1  Peter Law <PeterJCLaw@xxxxxxxxx>
     1  Peter Stuge <peter@xxxxxxxx>
     1  Peter Wu <lekensteyn@xxxxxxxxx>
     1  Peter van Zetten <peter.van.zetten@xxxxxxx>

Maybe we'd to state in the man page explicitly that
shortlog is part of the log family hence taking all
log related options.