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clone repo & history to disconnected server

I have to set up a workflow where I'll be developing and testing on
one network, and then deploying to production on a disconnected
network. I'd like to be able to have the full commit history for all
branches, tags, etc. on the disconnected side, in case I need to
perform a roll-back, create a hot-fix, etc.

Most of the solutions I see involve creating a mirror clone that is
then merged with a different repository. My problem is that my servers
are on two separate networks and I am unable to talk to both repos
from the same computer. I'd need to be able to transport the files
using sneaker net prior to importing on the second repo. I need to
keep the production repo in full working sanity...i.e. import only new
changes or completely overwrite the repository such that the full
project history is intact and working.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I've been looking at the archive
command but I'm not sure it would bring out the full project history.
Thanks in advance for your help!!