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Re: [PATCH] match_name_as_path: Pass WM_CASEFOLD to wildmatch

On Thu, Sep 07, 2017 at 04:51:36PM +0300, Aleksandr Makarov wrote:

> ---

Your commit message leaves me with a lot of questions. Let me see if I
can answer them. :)

Can this code path be triggered? We need to set filter->ignore_case,
but also filter->match_as_patch. So "git branch --ignore-case" works,
but "git for-each-ref --ignore-case" is totally broken.

When did this break? It looks like ignore-case never worked with
for-each-ref. This should have been part of Duy's (+cc) 3bb16a8bf2 (tag,
branch, for-each-ref: add --ignore-case for sorting and filtering,
2016-12-04). It got the match_pattern() one right, but missed this tweak
in match_as_path.

How come we didn't notice? Because 3bb16a8bf2 has tests for branch and
tag, but not for-each-ref. We should probably add one as part of this

And finally, your patch needs a sign-off to be included in the project
(see Documentation/SubmittingPatches).

> diff --git a/ref-filter.c b/ref-filter.c
> index bc591f4..3746628 100644
> --- a/ref-filter.c
> +++ b/ref-filter.c
> @@ -1663,7 +1663,7 @@ static int match_name_as_path(const struct ref_filter *filter, const char *refna
>  		     refname[plen] == '/' ||
>  		     p[plen-1] == '/'))
>  			return 1;
> -		if (!wildmatch(p, refname, WM_PATHNAME))
> +		if (!wildmatch(p, refname, flags))

The patch itself looks correct to me. Thanks.