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Strange behavior of git rev-list

I have an interesting case. In my repository, there are two commits,
'one' and 'two'. 'one' is reachable from 'two' (as evidenced by 'git
rev-list two | grep $(giv rev-parse one)'). However, the output of
'git rev-list two..one' is not empty, as is 'git rev-list ^two one'.

Here is the repository: https://github.com/pwmarcz/git-wtf/

It seems that the commit dates influence this behavior, because when I
edit all the dates to be the same, the output of 'git rev-list
two..one' is empty. Pruning seemingly irrelevant parents also makes it

I verified the behavior on git versions 2.14.1, 2.11.0, and on the
'next' branch (

Paweł Marczewski