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Re: [PATCHv2] pull: honor submodule.recurse config option

Nicolas Morey-Chaisemartin <NMoreyChaisemartin@xxxxxxx> writes:

>> If it is not the latter, perhaps we may want to flip the order of
>> config parsing and option parsing around?  That will allow us to fix
>> the handling of autostash thing to use only one variable, and also
>> fix your patch to do the right thing.
> I see what you mean.

> It looks like switching the code around works but I think there
> still needs to be 2 variables for autstash for this piece of code:
>     if (!opt_rebase && opt_autostash != -1)
>         die(_("--[no-]autostash option is only valid with --rebase."));
> The config option should not cause git pull to die when not using
> --rebase, the CLI option should.

Ah, OK.  That is a worthwhile observation that needs to be recorded
in the log message of a commit that flips the order of option/config