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Re: [PATCH v3 1/3] refs/files-backend: add longer-scoped copy of string to list

Martin Ågren <martin.agren@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Junio: The topic is in pu as ma/split-symref-update-fix. Re-roll or new
> topic or as a separate "patch 4/3" for you to place on top, any
> preference?

Until a topic hits 'next', you solely own it and it is mostly up to
you how to go about improving it.  My preference would be much less
relevant than what the end result would require, i.e....

> If we re-roll, would you prefer Peff's much smaller take on patch 2
> (strbuf_release where it matters, instead of sprinkling "goto out" all
> over)? I think me and him agreed that we'd be fine either way. I'd reuse
> my commit message, if I get his sign-off and "From:".

... if we take Peff's approach, then rerolling the whole thing would
be the only approach that makes sense---incremental update would
make the resulting history less readable.  Between two approaches I
do not have a strong preference either way---it's a choice that can
be made between you and Peff.

> Obviously, if Michael or anyone else has any input, I'm open to that as
> well..