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Re: Git in Outreachy round 15?


On Sat, Sep 2, 2017 at 12:30 AM, Jeff King <peff@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The big questions on whether we can make this happen are:
>   1. Do we have mentor interest?
>      I'm willing to mentor, but I'd like to hear whether other people
>      are interested, as well. Either way I can take responsibility for
>      the administrative bits.

I am willing to co-mentor, but I prefer not to take care of administrative bits.

>      We could probably use some effort brushing up our project-ideas
>      page. I've also considered whether it would make sense to do a
>      "mixed bag" project where somebody works on multiple smaller
>      projects, and we try to get them more involved in day-to-day
>      project activities (after all, very few of us started working on
>      Git with a dedicated 3-month project; people typically ease into it
>      by fixing small problems, reviewing code, etc).

I agree that we should try "mixed bag" projects consisting in multiple
smaller projects.
It would be very interesting to see if it provides better results.

>   2. Do we have the money (and want to spend it on this)?
>      The Git project does have money to cover at least one intern.
>      I'm looking into securing outside funding, so that we don't have to
>      use project funds. If for whatever reason that doesn't happen, is
>      this something we want to spend project money on?
>      (My opinion is yes, but I'd like to hear what others in the
>      community think).

My opinion is yes too.

Is there something like the GSoC Mentor Summit? I think this is an
interesting part of the GSoC and it could help motivate mentors if
there was something like that.

Thanks for taking care of this,