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Re: HP-UX (git-2.14.0) Depot File / Source Code Build throws SHA1 Error

"josephpattara ." <josephpattara@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Firstly, I could see the SHA1 hash was definitely wrong.
> -bash-4.3$ echo foo | ./git hash-object --stdin
> 408935f8873a5ef17ef10cf2a316e51937e90f0b
> ...
> But I can confirm with the adapated source code from HPUX connect and
> using the  OPENSSL_SHA1=Yes I am able to build a working git locally.

I do not know if your HP-UX on Itanium is big/little endian (IIRC it
is selectable at the CPU level), but my blind guess is that this
might help before building without OPENSSL_SHA1=YesPlease?

        cat >>config.mak <<-\EOF