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Re: Automatically delete branches containing accepted patches?

You could rebase your branches onto the upstream branch.
Once all the patches are in, the SHA1 of the rebased branch is somewhere in the history of the upstream master.

I use a set of scripts I've written to handle multiple branches:

Using namesapce it knows which branch is against which ref. You can autorebase everythinmg. It'll tell you once everything is merged upstream:
$ git auto-rebase  # alias for branch-autorebase
REBASING: dev/cbuild-cleanup on origin/master
REBASING FAILURE: dev/cbuild-cleanup on origin/master
REBASING: dev/cbuild-return-code on origin/master
REBASING: dev/suse-spec2 on origin/master
INTEGRATED UPSTREAM: dev/suse-spec2 just made it into origin/master
REBASING: dev/udev.md on origin/master
INTEGRATED UPSTREAM: dev/udev.md just made it into origin/master

You should be able to either hook up something for auto deletion, or use the few helpers to detect the merged ones and delete them

Le 27/08/2017 à 20:44, Lars Schneider a écrit :
> Hi,
> I have lots of git/git branches and once in a while some patches make it 
> into git/git master. If this happens I would like to delete my branch
> with the patch automatically. That's not easily possible as the hashes 
> on my branches are, of course, not the same as the hashes on git/git.
> How do you deal with this situation? Do you manually delete your 
> branches or do you have some clever script to share?
> Thanks,
> Lars