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Re: git signed push server-side

Ian Jackson <ijackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I have been investigating git signed pushes.  I found a number of
> infelicities in the server side implementation which make using this
> in practice rather difficult.  I'm emailing here (before writing
> patches) to see what people think of my proposed changes.
> ...
> If I send patches like the above, would they be welcomed (subject to
> detailed review, of course) ?

When I did the signed push, the primary focus was to get the
protocol extension right, and what the server end does with the
received certificate was left as something that can be refined later
by those who are really into it.  

So I do find it a welcome development that you are looking into it
(but remember, I do not represent "people"---I am merely one of them).

I and others may or may not have objections and may or may not offer
better ideas over what you are going to write in your design docs
and patches---I cannot promise anything before seeing them.